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100scents's Journal

100 Scents- Themed Fanfiction Community
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b r a n d n a m e f r a g r a n c e s
i n s p i r e d b y 100_situations and fanfic100

w . e . l . c . o . m . e

Hey everyone! I hope you aren't too tired of these themed communities just yet because here's yet another one! This follows the same concept that you're all probably familiar with except my themes have been taken from the names of "brand-name fragrances". You might be familiar with Gucci's "Envy Me" or Armani "Mania".

Please read the FAQs, rules, and guidelines completely! You can pick a character or pairing from any fandom based on a book, manga, anime, comic, movie, tv series, real people (musicians, actors, sports team, etc), and so forth! As long as you check the List of Claims to make sure that whoever or whatever you want isn't already taken by another. Do so before making your claim(s).

Link: List Of Claims

f . i . r . s . t . s . t . e . p

Once you checked the claims list on the your claim's availability, take a look at the table prompts we have available. For now, there is a total of 3 to choose from. If you wish to suggest another table prompt, please comment with your table prompt creation below! You must pick one table prompt per claim. Table prompts are provided in the link below.

Link: Table Prompts

s . e . c . o . n . d . s . t . e . p

Make the claim and then wait for approval. Your table will be linked to the "List Of Claims". Then, you will be provided with a tag which you must use everytime you post a piece of work in the community! Make your claim in the link below.

Link: Make A Claim

t . h . i . r . d . s . t . e . p

Once you've been approved and assigned a tag, start posting your fanfiction to the community! There's no need to post them all at once but we do ask that you at least post something every 3 months so we know you're active. Use an lj-cut always. PLEASE read the posting guidelines below otherwise, your entry will be deleted.

Link: Posting Guidelines

f . o . u . r . t . h . s . t . e . p

Have you complete your claim? Are you unable to go any further? Do you want to be waitlisted for a claim and table? Please post in the link below if you have completed a claim or if you need to drop your claim for reasons unknown.

Link: Completed/Drop/Waitlist A Claim

f . i . f . t . h . s . t . e . p

If you have a question, please read the FAQs already provided. If the FAQs do not answer your question, ask by commenting in the link provided below.

Link: Frequently Asked Questions

a . f . f . i . l . i . a . t . e . s

We encourage you to become an affiliate! We help spread your name, you help spread ours! ^_^ There are no affiliates so far. T_T;;

Link: Affiliate Yourself


r . u . l . e . s . & . g . u . i . d . e . l . i . n . e . s

  • Join the community
  • Follow steps 1-5 shown above.
  • Constructive criticism highly welcomed. Flaming and trolling is not. Please watch yourself or risk being banned.
  • FOLLOW the posting rules! They are there for a reason!
  • Remember to tag your fanfic with the tag that we have provided you with. Otherwise, you will be warned. Three warnings and we drop you from your pairing. You will have to wait two weeks before picking it up again. The tag will look like this:

    Example: harry potter;draco;table 1;svelterose.

    It follows this setup: (fandom/claim/table prompt/username).

    This is one tag you use for every fic belonging to your specified claim. USE IT.

  • Do not disable 'comments'. We need it to archive your fanfic into the memories section.
  • READ FAQs.

Other Links: Memories || Archive || Warnings

Affiliates: 150_comms 25_foods 30randomkisses

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