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[Admin] Frequently Asked Questions

So I know a lot of you have questions pertaining this community. It would be awesome if you could take the time to read through them all so that I won't have to reanswer any of them.

Is There A Deadline?"

Yes and no. You must post at least ONE fanfic PER MONTH (PER CLAIM) and you must be active at least every three months (PER CLAIM). Basically, if you've been here 8 months, we should have a total of 8 fanfics from you. When we check, that 8th fanfic must be dated within the last three months to show that you've been active. However, if you need more time, please tell me at the Warnings section and we can negotiate an extension. NO LIMITLESS EXTENSIONS!

Do all my fanfics have to have perfume/cologne in it?

Of course not, silly! Though you must have at least the general theme of the prompt in there. Otherwise, take it wherever you want to go. ^_^

Basically, if you make a character claim, all 100 of your stories must be focused on that character. If you make a pairing claim, both characters must be featured in your story. Even if it's just a passing mention. If you make a crossover claim, the same thing goes for them also. If your claim is a general series, then you can write about anything within that fandom. However, for a group of people, you cannot pick the entire group. You can only pick one person to focus on, or a pairing.

For Anime/Manga: This is considered one fandom unless there's a manga that hasn't been made into an anime and vice versa. For example, if you're claiming Yuugi Mutou from Yu-Gi-Oh!, that's considered as one anime/manga.

For Games: If you're claming a character, say, from Zelda, you don't need to state that you're claiming Zelda 1 or 2 or 3 because the main character stays the same throughout all the series. But if you're claiming a character from Final Fantasy for example, you need to state whether it's Final Fantasy 1 or 2 or 3 because the main character changes and it's entirely different.

For Books: When you're making a claim, the fandom would be the author of the book. You can claim any character, pairing, or even the general series of the book itself. However, if the book has been made into a movie, the book itself will be the fandom and not the author. (ex: Harry Potter, LotR).

Can I base my work off of someone else's work?

This is a tricky question because it's basically the foundation that fanfiction has been built upon. As long as the fic you're writing is your own, that's okay and remember to give credit where it is due! However, please be careful not to tread upon the line bordering fanfiction and outright plagiarism. If we find out that your work is a stolen piece, you will be banned and your stories removed. No questions asked. THAT, is not tolerated.

What about polynomial relationships? In other words...more than two?

Threesomes are allowed. When the threesomes are claimed, all three of your characters must be a part of the fic even if they are mentioned in passing! However, one must remain central to the fic. ^_^

NO crossover threesomes. This may change in the future. Any number of people within a relationship past three is just too much. =_=;;

Can I claim a character or pairing or general series that's already been claimed?

Yes and no. No you may not claim a character/pairing/general series of the same table prompt. But if the character/pairing/general series possesses a different table prompt, then YES, you may. ^_^ Does this sound confusing? Here:

User 1 claims Hermione Granger using Table Prompt 1
User 2 claims Hermione Granger using Table Prompt 2

Will there be more than three table prompts in the future?

Yes, of course! You can even help create one by posting in Table Prompts List. Just as long as your prompts do not match those of the previous ones, you're fine. ^_^ After that, all I need to do is look it over and approve it. Then we'll post it up for people to use and credit will be given to the creator(s).

Now what about crossovers and alternative universes?

For pairings/general series --> Yes! But only if you've claimed crossover as a part of your challenge. For non-crossover claims, you are allowed to write a maximum of 30 crossover fics. BUT YOU MUST state which fandom you have cross into when you post your head! With regards to alternative universes, you can write however many you want!

More About Crossovers

It's not possible to pick a single character as a crossover claim. You can only do so with pairings and general series. With regards to those claims, you are allowed to crossover two fandoms maximum. However....

For can claim a crossover pairing which consists of a character from Fandom A (IE: Harry Potter) and a character from Fandom B (IE: Lord of the Rings). Within that crossover claim, you are allowed to write 30 fanfics whereby you can crossover those two characters with Fandom C (IE: Star Trek). However, this is only limited to 30 fanfics! As for the rest of the 70 fics, you have to write only about the original claimed pairings in their original fandom.

And one more thing, when you make a crossover claim, you're allowed to write about other characters within Fandom A and Fandom B. Just make sure that if you've picked a crossover pairing, one of the characters has to be central to the fic and the other one has to at least be mentioned in each of your fics. But they can interact with anyone else within Fandom A and B.

What about characters with alternative personalities? (IE: Yuugi Mutou and Yami Yuugi)

Yami Yuugi and Yuugi Mutou may inhabit the same body but they are two different people. We will treat them as such. Therefore, a person can make a claim for Yami Yuugi and focus their writing on Yami Yuugi. Yuugi can appear but the focus must remain on Yami Yuugi. I haven't played Final Fantasy X2 but from what I do know, there are different spirits within Yuna? If you pick the spirit, your central focus must be that particular spirit and not all the spirits and/or Yuna.

What about original characters?

Of course you're allowed to write about original characters! As long as you tell us of the fandom whether it be one you created or one that's a part of a fandom already created. Same goes for crossovers.

What about ratings...what am I allowed to post?

Anything from G to NC-17. You're allowed to post het, slash, gen, anything! But if you're writing about incest, bondage, etc -- please put a warning in your Author's Notes.

Where do I post my works?

You must post them IN the community so they can be archived. No fake-cuts please because in the past, those links have gone dead, causing us to lose the work.

What's the minimum/maximum word count?

Drabbles and fics have to be above 200 words. As for the maximum...reach for the sky, baby!

What about fake-cuts?

Sorry but no. Please keep all posts within the community and under an lj-cut. You can find out on how to do an lj-cut by visiting the Posting Rules page.

Do I post one at a time or all at once?

As long as you follow the one fic per month rule (PER CLAIM) and stay active every three months (PER CLAIM), we're fine with that. Make sure that each work are in SEPERATE entries!

How many claims am I allowed to make?

Right now, there is a maximum of two claims at once. Once you've completed a claim, you can make another claim.

Can I post the stuff written for this challenge elsewhere?

Sure thing. It's your work of fiction. We don't own any rights to it.

Can I include fics that I've already written in the past as part of the challenge?

As long as it fits the prompts in the table, sure. But we'd really love it if you could write something new.

Do we have to post in the order of the prompts (from 001 to 100)?

Noooo, of course not! Start with whichever you have inspiration for! ^_^

Can I mix and match the different prompts from the different tables?

Nope nope. You must pick one table and stick with it. I think some of them may actually possess the same theme as another table has. @_@

Can I do a joint claim with someone else?

Of course. However, you must have both authors working on each and every prompt on the table. Of course, I have no way of checking to make sure this happens so this is based on the honorary system.

How do I link my fics to the table and why do I need to do that?

Everytime you've written a fic, you need to link those fics back to the table so you can keep track of which word prompts you've completed. This also allows other readers to check out the other fics that you have written. Whenever you post a fic to this community, there will be an URL address for the page. You copy and paste that URL between the quotation marks. To do so:

Example: You paste the URL (the link to your fic) into the HTML code. Change the WordPrompt to whatever word prompt you've written the fic for, say "Absolute" (which is the first prompt of Table 1). It'll look like that.

Here's a more detailed example. This is what the HTML code for your table looks like:

Now, simply copy and paste the HTML code from before replacing the WORDPROMPT with ABSOLUTE on your table. It should look like this:

Good luck! If you have any problems, send an email my way. ^_^

How do I drop my claim?

By going to the Completed/Drop/Waitlist A Claim section and making a comment.

I have another question...?

Simply reply to this post!

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can i claim two couples from the same fandom?
Sure of course, go right ahead. ^^
I have finished my first story and it is in my personal journal, but I am not given posting rights on this journal, so what should I do?
I apologize, I simply forgot to give you posting access when you made the claim. Now it's been fixed! Thanks for notifying me!
Thank you.
I posted, but it doesn't seem to want to accept the tag.
I got the tags in anyways, thanks for the notification!

Btw, congrats on being the first post in our community!
Thanks. :)
Question: Okay, so if we make a claim, we should post a fic for that claim every month and be active every three months.

... What exactly are you definining as 'being active'?