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[Admin] Posting Rules

Below are the rules you MUST follow if you are to post in this community. If you do not follow these rules, then you will be warned. You get a series of three warnings (which you can check at: Warnings) before your claim gets freed. After that, you have a two week suspension period before you can state your claim (if it's still free).

Please start posting your fics to the community! You don't have to post several ones at once. We just require that you have atleast one fic per month (though we hope you don't tie up a specific pairing or table for over 8 years....) and be active at least three months from your last post.

  • Make sure your subject heading says: fandom/table number/theme/title/author

    Example: Harry Potter/T2/001-Apparition/Holy Smokes/svelterose

  • Use the following header when posting your fics:

  • Make sure that for every fanfic, you have a seperate entry! And for each entry, you make sure that your work is under an lj-cut. These are the tags to make an lj-cut.

  • NOTE: MAKE SURE that your formatting is done MANUALLY. I don't want to see formatting done by Microsoft Word or other such programs because this makes it hard for moderators to edit posts when they need to. If you do this, I will warn you and have your post immediately deleted after. Remember, three warnings and it's a suspension.

  • ALL FICS must be tagged by the tags that I have provided you with. That is only ONE tag per EACH claim. You will only use that one tag for that specific claim. Remember to tag your fanfic with the tag that we have provided you with. Otherwise, you will be warned. Three warnings and we drop you from your pairing. You will have to wait two weeks before you can stake your claim (if it's still free by then). The tag will look like this:

    Example: harry potter;granger x malfoy;table 2;svelterose.

    It follows this setup: fandom/claim/table/username.

    This is one tag you use for every fic belonging to your specified claim. USE IT.

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