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[Admin] Table Prompts

For the time being, there are three tables you may choose from. That means for each pairing/character/general series/etc., there can be three sets of each provided that each of them have a different table prompt. For instance...

User 1 claims Character A using Table Prompt 1
User 2 claims Character A using Table Prompt 2
User 3 claims Character A using Table Prompt 3

You can also help create more table prompts by responding with 100 prompts below! Just make sure that you...

  • Have 100 prompts with the maximum of 4 author's choice.
  • Make sure your prompts have nothing to do with that of the previous table prompts. Meaning, you can't take ones from the previous table prompts and mix and match, then calling it your own.
  • Remember, I must approve it and post it before anybody can use it.


001.Absolute 002.Addict 003.Amazing Grace 004.Amulet 005.Angel
006.Aqua 007.Black 008.Blue 009.Bora Bora 010.Butterfly
011.Cashmere 012.Cast A Spell 013.Chocolate Lovers 014.Classic 015.Clean
016.Code 017.Cool 018.Cream Bouquet 019.Crush 020.Crystalline
021.Curious 022.Curve 023.Declaration 024.Delicious 025.Dream
026.Ecstasy 027.Envy Me 028.Escape 029.Eternity 030.Euphoria
031.Falling 032.Fantasy 033.Flower 034.For Her 035.Fresh Laundry
036.Grace 037.Green Tea 038.Happy 039.Hot 040.In Control
041.Index 042.Innocent 043.Irresistible 044.Island 045.J’adore
046.Jade Blossom 047.Just Me 048.Label 049.Lemon Sugar 050.Live
051.London 052.Love Love 053.Lucky You 054.Mambo 055.Mango Melange
056.Mania 057.Maybe Baby 058.Music for Her 059.One 060.One Summer
061.Opium 062.Pacific Paradise 063.Panther 064.Pendant 065.Pick-Me-Up
066.Pink Jasmine 067.Polo 068.Prada 069.Province 070.Pure Grace
071.Pure Poison 072.Realities 073.Red Tea 074.Romance 075.Rose Essential
076.Rush 077.Safari 078.Sake 079.Seduction 080.Sensi
081.Shanghai Butterfly 082.Spark 083.Sport 084.Star 085.Stella
086.Style 087.Sugar 088.Sugar Blossom 089.Tender 090.Tender Touch
091.Touch Of Sun 092.Towels 093.Turquoise 094.Ultimate 095.White
096.Woman 097.Author's Choice 098.Author's Choice 099.Author's Choice 100.Author's Choice


001.Almond Cookie 002.Apparition 003.Aromatics 004.Baby Doll 005.Be
006.Belong 007.Black Crystal 008.Black Russian 009.Charm 010.Chrome
011.Cinema 012.Concentrate 013.Couture 014.Crème Brulèe 015.Dazzle
016.Design 017.Dragon 018.Dream 019.Dune 020.Elixir
021.Empire 022.Energizing 023.Enjoy 024.Envious 025.Essential
026.Eternity Moment 027.Excess 028.Extract 029.Fahrenheit 030.Femme
031.Festival 032.Flirt 033.Fresh Herbs 034.Game 035.Goddess
036.Grass 037.Greed 038.Groove 039.Happy To Be 040.Harvest
041.Heart Grows Fonder 042.Hypnotic 043.Imperial Flower 044.Instant 045.Intense
046.Jamaican Punch 047.Jungle 048.Kahala 049.Love At First… 050.Lust
051.Magnetic Beat 052.Magnetism 053.Masculine 054.Music For Her 055.Must
056.My Queen 057.Night And Day 058.Obsession 059.Oh Baby! 060.Omnia
061.Orange Cream Pop 062.Orchard 063.Organza 064.Orient 065.Original
066.Paris 067.Pirate 068.Poison 069.Province 070.Purse
071.Rage 072.Rain 073.Razzle 074.Rouge 075.Serpentine
076.Sex On The Beach 077.Sheer Veil 078.Silver 079.Sloth 080.So Pretty
081.Solid 082.Soothing Night 083.South Beach 084.Splash 085.Stimulating
086.Touch 087.Tranquility 088.Tropical Vanilla 089.Unforgivable 090.V
091.Vanilla Citrus 092.Vanity 093.Violet Angel 094.Vivid 095.Weekend
096.White Tea 097.Author's Choice 098.Author's Choice 099.Author's Choice 100.Author's Choice


001.20 002.5th Avenue 003.Air 004.Allure 005.Armani
006.Autumn 007.Bait 008.Beautiful 009.Benefit 010.Beyond Paradise
011.Blush 012.Body 013.Boss’ Selection 014.Chance 015.Chemistry
016.Child 017.Cinnamon Bun 018.Citron 019.Cocoa 020.Concentrate
021.Corduroy 022.Dazzling Gold 023.Declaration 024.Deep Red 025.Dreamer
026.Exhilarating 027.Extreme 028.Fake 029.Ferrari 030.Flakes
031.Foliage 032.Fragile 033.Frank 034.Fresh 035.Ginger
036.Glosser 037.Graffiti 038.Guess 039.Happy In Bloom 040.Heritage
041.Hydrating 042.Imperial 043.In Motion 044.Incense 045.Indulgence
046.Interlude 047.Intuition 048.Knowing 049.Laughing Gas 050.Lottery
051.Mademoiselle 052.Magnetism 053.Metal Flask 054.Must Pour 055.Number 5
056.Oh Yes! 057.Onyx 058.Pasha 059.Pearl 060.Pi
061.Picasso 062.Pleasures 063.Poem 064.Pomegranate 065.Prescriptive
066.Private 067.Provocative 068.Preen 069.Pure Purple 070.Reaction
071.Red Door 072.Remedy 073.Sandalwood 074.Sunday Afternoon 075.Savage
076.Sensual Touch 077.Shalimar 078.Sicily 079.Signature 080.Silk
081.Solar 082.Some Like It Hot 083.Soul 084.Spellbound 085.Style In Play
086.Subtle 087.Super Star 088.Sweep 089.Touch Of Pink 090.Touch-On
091.Trace 092.Triple Layer 093.True Star 094.Velvet 095.Watercolor
096.White Linen 097.Author's Choice 098.Author's Choice 099.Author's Choice 100.Author's Choice

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