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100 Scents- Themed Fanfiction Community
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Title: Recovery
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean with a smidgen of Sam
Prompt: 088. Sugar Blossoms
Word Count: 385
Rating: PG-13 for Incesty undertones
Summary: Dean recuperates in a small Southern town.
Author's Notes: I seriously have not written anything in a God's 
age, so comments, criticism, even flames are welcome, if they 
can somehow manage to help me improve.


15th-Jun-2006 12:58 am - [Admin] Warnings
High Heels
This is the section where we place all those who have been warned and how close you are to the maximum of three warnings. Everytime you receive a warning, it takes three months to get rid of! So please follow the rules carefully. Otherwise, you may find yourself suspended for two weeks with your claim up for grabs!

This is also the section where we keep track of those who have not kept up with their claims. Shame on those who haven't...tsk tsk. ^_^

You may also make your extension requests here!
15th-Jun-2006 12:57 am - [Admin]Affiliates
High Heels
This is the list where you can find all our affiliates! If you have a community and wish to become one of our affiliates, comment to this post and provide a link. ^_^ Thanks!
15th-Jun-2006 12:01 am - [Admin] Frequently Asked Questions
High Heels
So I know a lot of you have questions pertaining this community. It would be awesome if you could take the time to read through them all so that I won't have to reanswer any of them.

Is There A Deadline?Collapse )
Do all my fanfics have to have perfume/cologne in it?Collapse )
Can I base my work off of someone else's work?Collapse )
What about polynomial relationships? In other words...more than two?Collapse )
Can I claim a character or pairing or general series that's already been claimed?Collapse )
Will there be more than three table prompts in the future?Collapse )
Now what about crossovers and alternative universes?Collapse )
What about characters with alternative personalities? (IE: Yuugi Mutou and Yami Yuugi)Collapse )
What about original characters?Collapse )
What about ratings...what am I allowed to post?Collapse )
Where do I post my works?Collapse )
What's the minimum/maximum word count?Collapse )
What about fake-cuts?Collapse )
Do I post one at a time or all at once?Collapse )
How many claims am I allowed to make?Collapse )
Can I post the stuff written for this challenge elsewhere?Collapse )
Can I include fics that I've already written in the past as part of the challenge?Collapse )
Do we have to post in the order of the prompts (from 001 to 100)?Collapse )
Can I mix and match the different prompts from the different tables?Collapse )
Can I do a joint claim with someone else?Collapse )
How do I link my fics to the table and why do I need to do that?Collapse )
How do I drop my claim?Collapse )
I have another question...?Collapse )
High Heels
If you've completed a claim, wish to drop an unfinished claim, or you want to be waitlisted for a claim that has already been taken, please comment here! Thanks! ^_^
14th-Jun-2006 11:37 pm - [Admin] Posting Rules
High Heels
Below are the rules you MUST follow if you are to post in this community. If you do not follow these rules, then you will be warned. You get a series of three warnings (which you can check at: Warnings) before your claim gets freed. After that, you have a two week suspension period before you can state your claim (if it's still free).

Please start posting your fics to the community! You don't have to post several ones at once. We just require that you have atleast one fic per month (though we hope you don't tie up a specific pairing or table for over 8 years....) and be active at least three months from your last post.

Posting RulesCollapse )
14th-Jun-2006 11:23 pm - [Admin] Make A Claim
High Heels
This is where you can make a claim for your character or pairing! Please follow the rules below, otherwise, I will ignore your request.

Make A ClaimCollapse )
14th-Jun-2006 10:47 pm - [Admin] Table Prompts
High Heels
For the time being, there are three tables you may choose from. That means for each pairing/character/general series/etc., there can be three sets of each provided that each of them have a different table prompt. For instance...

User 1 claims Character A using Table Prompt 1
User 2 claims Character A using Table Prompt 2
User 3 claims Character A using Table Prompt 3

You can also help create more table prompts by responding with 100 prompts below! Just make sure that you...

  • Have 100 prompts with the maximum of 4 author's choice.
  • Make sure your prompts have nothing to do with that of the previous table prompts. Meaning, you can't take ones from the previous table prompts and mix and match, then calling it your own.
  • Remember, I must approve it and post it before anybody can use it.

List of Table PromptsCollapse )
14th-Jun-2006 10:19 pm - [Admin] List of Claims
High Heels
This is the master list of claims. Please look to see if your claim from a series has been taken. If not, then you may request it. ^_^

Master Claims ListCollapse )
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